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RTB Media Kit

RTB Media Kit

RTB Media Kit & Programmatic Advertising Solutions

It’s been a little over 12 months since we launched the Appnexus powered exchange called the Gourmet Ads Marketplace. Since then we’ve grown the number of Private Exchange buyers, whilst also increasing the number of  ad exchange buyers. We’ve also worked hard to increase the number of impressions available to being bid.

So now is the perfect time to launch out new RTB Media Kit. Our Appnexus Exchange allows companies targeting the Grocery more Buyer online to buy advertising  through Agency Trading Desks, DSPs and Retargeters.

Our New RTB Media Kit includes all Programmatic Advertising Solutions available from Gourmet Ads including;

  • Private Exchange vs Open Exchange
  • Exchange Highlights & Statistics
  • Premium & Exchange Inventory
  • Traffic & Audience
  • RTB Creative Units
  • Data Segments

For your copy of the Gourmet Ads RTB Media Kit, click on the button below.

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