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Gourmet Ads Selects Top Super Bowl Spots

Top Food/Beverage Super Bowl Spots by Benjamin Christie

The Super Bowl is as much about food as football.  Super Bowl Sunday is the single biggest food consumption day after Thanksgiving.  And along with cars, food, beer and beverage commercials are a ubiquitous part of the game.

“It’s one thing to be entertaining, but being both entertaining and getting your brand across in a way that’s memorable is the real trick to food marketing,” says Benjamin Christie, founder and managing director of global food advertising network Gourmet Ads.  “This year’s game featured a handful of spots that hit the mark, and others that failed.”

Here, then, are the five most attention-grabbing food and beverage commercials from Super Bowl XLVI, as judged by Gourmet Ads’ Christie:

Pepsi – King’s Court

“’Pepsi for All’” may be the intended tag line, but Elton John’s evil intonation of “No Pepsi for you” may become the most memorable catchphrase, as he sports kingly garb and banishes the talentless with a trip to the dungeon.  X Factor songstress Melanie Amaro belting out a stained glass-shattering rendition of R-E-S-P-E-C-T only adds to the fun.”

M&Ms – Naked

“Brown M&M, previously absent from the candy line’s ad campaign, makes a glorious debut as a bespectacled, name-dropping partygoer mistakenly gawked for showing off her “milk chocolate.”  As Sexy and I Know it plays, Red strips off his candy coating, turning this staid party into a potential swingfest.  As always when M&Ms walk and talk, an impressionable spot that drives its point home.”

Budweiser – Prohibition

“The Clydesdales and a barnstormer herald the end of Prohibition, which denied America Budweiser for 13 years.  The sepia-tinged, 60-second spot evokes a peculiar bit of Americana while showcasing the celebration that ensues whenever cases of Bud arrive in town.  A later spot continued the theme of Budweiser’s role in U.S. history.  Could it even be a Super Bowl without Clydesdales?”

Doritos – Sling Baby

“A baby as a slingshot?  Created by an amateur filmmaker as part of a Doritos contest, this engaging and hilarious commercial features cool CGI, a gloating toddler and a taunting big brother getting his comeuppance. The brand is well-integrated in the action.  My only question is who, exactly, is the old lad, and why does she think this is an acceptable thing to do?”

Bud Light – Rescue Dog

“Bud Light combines the indomitable Super Bowl formula of talented animal with corporate responsibility as it introduces a mangy pooch that fetches a bottle of suds whenever someone says “Here Wego!”  While espousing the message of dog rescue (including a Facebook page to like), that ad drives home the brand’s long-time catchphrase in a clever way.  “Wego” has to be the world’s most overworked pet.”

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