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Father’s Day Advertising

Father’s Day Advertising

Father’s Day Advertising is traditionally around barbecuing, tools and bloke gadgets

Father’s Day has become a sort of tribute to all things fatherly- barbecuing, tools, and of course family. The holiday has been celebrated since the early 1900s, when it was created to remember the 210 fathers who were lost as a result of the Monogah Mining disaster. Over time, the official observation of Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June was proposed numerous times until it was finally signed into law by President Nixon in 1972. The tradition of giving gifts to honor Fathers has become so common that as many as 90% of male parents report receiving a gift of some type on the holiday.

For advertisers, Father’s day is a great opportunity to market products targeted toward men. From grills and tools to ties and cologne, Father’s day gift giving has been compared to a “Second Christmas”, and there are many opportunities available for marketing managers who wish to market a product this way.

Ideas for Father’s Day Advertising to shoppers include:

  • Create a Father’s Day gift guide that showcases your products in either print or online form. The guide can contain pictures and descriptions along with interesting facts about dads. For food manufacturers, a gift guide that contains recipes that are designed to appeal to a man’s taste can be a great way to get new customers to try a product.
  • Offer “Dads Only” specials that are designed to attract Fathers and their children. For example, a restaurant could offer a “Dads eat free!” promotion, or a grocer may want to offer a “free steak for Dad!” Manufacturers who offer products that appeal to men can offer coupons that include a “freebie” or discount for men who bring their children in for Father’s Day.
  • Consider some creative marketing events, such as a pre-Father’s day crafting event that showcases your product by having children come in to create a gift for Dad. Not only does this bring customers in to try out a specific product, it is a good way to bring customers who are in a gift-giving mood in to your store to purchase other items.
  • With so many customers doing their gift shopping online, creating a smart internet marketing strategy for Father’s day can mean big sales for your company. Research shows that more than half of Father’s day shoppers are moms, so you’ll need the right campaign to appeal to mothers who are looking for ideas for the men in their lives. Targeted marketing plans for these women will lead to increased sales, both on-line and in store.

No matter how you choose to market your product for Father’s day, creating a marketing campaign that appeals directly to shoppers looking for men’s products can help you take advantage of the opportunity. As you create your marketing strategy, remember to include colors and patterns that are masculine to help draw attention to your product. Grocers and food manufacturers should also look at the tradition of treating Dad to a special Father’s Day meal as an opportunity to bring in customers and market new products. As you look toward the coming year, remember that Father’s Day Advertising offers marketing opportunities that many companies miss, and make sure that you have something special in mind for Dad this year.

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