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Back to School Advertising

Back to School Advertising

Back to School season is the second largest selling season after the winter holidays

For most bricks and mortar retailers as well as online retailers, the Back to School season is the second largest selling season after the winter holidays. As such retailers are incredibly competitive at this time of year and are vying for sales. So how can your brand stand out from the crowd, influence parents and generate sales? Here are some ideas on how to make your back to school advertising campaign a success.

Saving Parents Money
During Back to School, parents are typically sensitive about price, especially if they have multiply kids to buy for. So advertising that focuses on saving money is key, and as such many retailer offer Free Shipping, Coupons, Mail in Rebates and straight instore discounting. If you offer a compelling discounting offer, parents will most likely buy everything at your store, as a way to get it all over and done with !

Attention Grabbing Creative and Messaging
With so many retailers investing in back to school advertising campaigns, your creative has to grab the attention of parents. Remembering parents will be bombarded, so clear and concise messaging is key. As an example, in previous years some retailers have done campaigns around “penny products” where a range of products were just a 1 cent. If that doesn’t grab your attention, then not sure what will.

Media Planning and Buying
When developing your media plan you need to look at two key audiences. The first being parents, the second being the grocery buyer. There’s no point developing great creative if you don’t buy media targeted to either or both of those audiences. The Gourmet Ads network specializes in reach both of these audiences.

So what type of brands should be undertaking Back to School advertising campaigns?

  • School supplies (typically office supplies)
  • Food Products aimed at Kids (for lunch boxes)
  • Beverage Companies (also for lunch boxes)
  • Supermarkets & Grocery Companies (various)
  • Electronics Stores (Laptops, calculators, etc)

It goes without saying that your digital Back to School advertising creative should be consistent with all your TV campaigns, in-store displays and unique price promotions.

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