Sequential Advertising is about Storytelling

Brands and their Advertising Agencies who are looking to create deeper relationships with their target audience may like to consider sequential advertising as a strategy for their next digital advertising campaign.

What is Sequential Advertising?

Sequential Advertising is Roadblock Advertising on Steroids. Sequential Advertising is a tactic used to tell a story or to continue an advertising message through a user’s visit to across a group of websites.

Unlike roadblock advertising where the messaging is consistent, sequential advertising is a series of messaging which on occasions rely on the audience seeing or engaging with previous advertisements. Basically, each view, engagement or click with sequential messaging informs the next message sent to the consumer creating a deeper, unique, and compelling dialogue.

So apart from simply running sequential advertising across just one site, sequential advertising can be run across all sites in Gourmet Ads. Even if the users don’t visit the second and third sites in the one session, the user still can be served the entire sequence during the period of a campaign. Brands can create a compelling narrative that resonates with consumers and leaves a lasting impression by utilizing effective advertising techniques.

Sequential advertising campaign does require a little planning from a messaging perspective, however when implemented across Gourmet Ads, sequential advertising can be a very effective advertising tactic to gain engagement and consumers.

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