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What are Interstitial Ads ?

Interstitial Ads / Over the Page Ads are full-screen ads that run over the top of publisher content on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile devices. They are typically displayed on the first impression of the day for that user and then capped for 1 impression every 24 hours, often referred to as Capped at 1/24.

Interstitial Ads are typically 800×600 and can be static or animated with Video. Form a user interface experience, users have options to skip the ad manually by clicking on the “Close” text or wait to the countdown finishes and the ads disappears.

Interstitial Ads are popular with programmatic advertisers because they are very effective due to their large size making them impactful to the audience. Interstitial Ads perform exceptionally from both a brand lift perspective as well as CTR perspective with campaignsd seeing 1% to 9% on average.

To see a sample of an Interstitial Ad see https://gallery.gourmetads.com/desktop/interstitial

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