Advertiser Objectives

  • Month Long Campaign to Sell Kitchen Stand Mixers

  • Drive Online Sales

  • Reach an Audience of people who like to Bake

  • Client Measurement via Last Click Attribution only

Our Solution

Given our clients goal was on driving sales only, we ran two strategies. The first strategy heavily focused on context, the second strategy focused on leveraging data. Both strategies had an underlying focus on viewability, where we targeted to hit a minimum of 70% viewability over the campaign flight.

Contextual Targeting Strategy

We focused on running contextually alongside recipes that mentioned or required the ingredients be mixed. As such we targeted ;

  • Biscuit Recipes

  • Cake Recipes

  • Bread Recipes

  • Dough Recipes

Data Strategy

Our Data Strategy had different techniques, but basically focused on people that had seen the advertisers creative, had clicked on the creative, had visited the landing page but did not convert.

The Results

  • Over a 30 day period Gourmet Ads generated hundreds of Kitchen Mixers sales (Avg price was $600+) using Last Click Attribution.

  • Advertiser has used Gourmet Ads multiple times since, especially for Kitchen Products at Key Sales Periods

  • Exceeded client’s expectations in terms of performance

  • Viewability was 73.1% During the Campaign Flight.

  • Internally our Ad Ops Teams consider this one of our best performing campaigns ever.

Advertiser : eCommerce Website 

Category : Kitchen Appliance

Market : Australia

Media Types : Display / Desktop Only 

Execution : Managed Service 

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