Advertiser Objectives

Global Appliance Brand goals was to launch their new kitchen blender nationally to an audience of household cooks, healthy conscious consumers. As this was video campaign goals was to achieve high level of viewability and completion rates.

  • New Product Launch of Kitchen Blender

  • Multi Month Campaign using Video

  • Drive Brand Awareness & Brand Lift

  • Advertiser KPIs – Viewability & Completion Rates

Our Solution

We ran this Managed Services campaign across our Video Outstream Player across Gourmet Ads and Healthy Ads Publishers. We used basic Contextual Targeting parameters to ensure the content was either Recipe or Health related.

From Day One we used Data Science and Machine Learning to predict the Viewability and Completion rate of an individual impression ensuring that both were 70% minimum.

The Results

  • “Gourmet Ads delivered the most email newsletter signups”

  • Consistently Achieved over the 3-month campaign a 72% Viewability and 70%+ completion rate.

  • Was on the target demographic of Healthy Conscious Consumers

  • During the flight, the agency optimized all vendors and resulted in Gourmet Ads receiving an additional 30% budget increase.

Advertiser : Global Appliance Brand 

Category : Kitchen Appliance

Market : USA & Canada 

Client : Advertising Agency

Media Types : Video / Desktop & Tablet 

Execution : Managed Service 

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