Advertiser Objectives

  • Campaign for the launch of a new Fitness Tracker

  • Reach 4 key audiences’ people who live a Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness Fanatics, Gym Junkies and Dieters.

  • A 5th (somewhat less important) audience was people buying gifts for the key audiences.

  • Achieve a minimum of 70% Viewability (MRC)

  • Achieve High Completion Rate for Video

  • High User Engagement and Conversions

Our Solution

To achieve relevance and scale with the various target audiences that the advertiser wanted to reach, we used multiple trafficking tactics across a number of Programmatic Deals. Each PMP had a different strategy based on Contextual Targeting and our First Party Data.

For the main 4 key audiences we targeted inventory across both Healthy Ads and Gourmet Ads inventory. Inventory pools that were endemic to the advertisers targeting were based of contextual targeting for Health, Gym, Fitness and Dieting. Less obvious inventory tactics we used were Low Fat Recipes, Salads, Vegetarians and Vegans.

One targeting tactic that performed well was a custom contextual targeting list of fitness trackers. We created a range of keywords including the client’s brand, all of their competitors and some generic keywords.

For the Gift Buying audience we used a combination contextual and first party data targeting both Grocery Buyers and Coupon Users.

All Programmatic Deals were based on our “Smart Deals” logic which are powered by Machine Learning and Data Science allowing us to set the actual desired Viewability percentage and Video Completion Rates.

Display Advertising sizes used were 300×250, 300×600, 728×90, 970×250 and 320×50.

For the Video Advertising aspect of the campaign, we executed across our Outstream Video Format.

The Results

  • We were in the Top 5 Publishers in terms of CTR and Conversion Rates

  • Successfully reached advertiser’s goal for on audience targeting with each of our tactics.

  • Held 72%+ Viewability (MRC) for the Duration of the Campaign Flight

  • Held 65% Video Completion Rate for the Duration of the Campaign Flight

Advertiser : Wearable Fitness Tracker

Category : Fitness Advertisers 

Market : Global 

Media Types : Video, Display & Mobile

Execution : Programmatic via Deals 

Client : Agency Trading Desk

DSP : The Trade Desk