Columbus Day Advertising

Columbus Day honours the moment in 1492 when Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas. This key day also marks a change in season, as retailers will begin to transition out their summer inventory and start stocking for winter. This makes it an important holiday for businesses to drive sales and gear up for the new season – competitive advertising will ensure that you take full advantage of this and start off the holiday shopping season right.

Columbus Day Advertising Strategies & Targeting

From a Media Planning and Buying perspective, Gourmet Ads recommends for brands wanting to engage and influence Grocery Buyers using Contextual Targeting for their Columbus Day Advertising Campaign.

Columbus Day Targeting

  • Coupons Content
  • Shopping Content
  • Holiday Recipes
  • Seafood Recipes

Columbus Day Audience Segments

These segments can be used uncoupled in your own DSP

  • Coupon Users
  • Holiday Cooks
  • Grocery Buyers
  • Household Cooks
  • Recipe Content

Columbus Day Advertising Campaign Options

Columbus Day – Dates  

  • 2023 – 12th October
  • 2024 – 12th October
  • 2025 – 13th October
  • 2026 – 12th October
  • 2027 – 11th October

Columbus Day Advertising

Columbus Day is also known for its large discounts and sales since the seasons are changing and companies want to swap out their inventory. As a result, most consumers will be looking for coupons and price-driven advertising and it is vital that your messaging gets this across. Many companies will start putting Columbus Day ads out as early as the Friday before, as this will allow shoppers to browse deals and decide where to spend their money over the next few days.

It is a popular weekend for big-ticket items like appliances, furniture, and automobiles. In the kitchen, this can include anything from refrigerators and dishwashers to expensive coffee machines and juicers. Any summer items like grills and barbecues that are still in stock will be deeply discounted to help retailers make room for winter products.

Since it is a federal holiday and people are off of work, it is important to not just focus on online sales but also drive to your advertising towards retail stores. Many conscious consumers will be looking at Columbus Day Ads to get a jump start on their holiday shopping and beat the rush that comes later in the season.

Gourmet Ads has a network that includes household decision makers – the people that are out on Columbus Day deciding if they should buy a new fridge or appliance – so it is essential that we are part of your media mix that weekend.

A Brief History of Columbus Day

Columbus Day serves to commemorate the day when Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas. Although he arrived on October 12th, the holiday is observed on the second Monday of October. There were huge events to celebrate the 300th and 400th anniversaries back in 1792 and 1892, but it was not an official federal holiday until 1937. Numerous cities will have large parades to celebrate, and since many people have the day off it is a big weekend for travel as well.

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