Australia Day Advertising

Australia Day is the day to celebrate Australian culture and history. It is celebrated by Aussies annually on January 26 and is an official national holiday. Because Australians often take the day off and enjoy food (especially barbecue and beer) as part of the celebration, it’s a perfect time for food, supermarket, and alcohol brands to show off their options.

This holiday originally started as a way to celebrate the emancipation of convicts that had been sent to Australia and the founding of their settlement there. Today, it has a further aim of celebrating the diversity of all the people who have come to be known as Australian.

Australia Day Advertising Strategies & Targeting

From a Media Planning and Buying perspective, Gourmet Ads recommends for brands wanting to engage and influence Grocery Buyers using Contextual Targeting for their Australia Day Advertising Campaign.

Australia Day Contextual Targeting

  • Australian Recipes
  • BBQ / Grilling Recipes
  • Sausage Recipes
  • Holiday Recipes

Australia Day Audience Segments

These segments can be used uncoupled in your own DSP

  • Australian Recipes
  • Household Cooks
  • Recipe Content

Australia Day Campaign Options

Australia Day Dates  

  • 26th January (Annually)

The History of Australia Day

January 26, 1770 is the date that Captain Arthur Phillip began the British colony in what is now Australia. At the time, the colony was called New South Wales, and Phillip became its first governor. Of course, the island was already populated at that time by Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. And since then, immigrants from overseas have also become Australian citizens. So today, Aussies of various backgrounds each celebrate the holiday in their own way.

What Many People do to Celebrate

Because this is a national holiday, many Australians get the day off from work. Many communities hold Australia Day parades, and fireworks are also common. It’s common to use this time off to gather with family for good food. Picnics and barbecues are popular types of meals. And the Meat and Livestock Association has used this to their advantage in Australia Day ads. They’ve run a series of funny ads promoting lamb as the meat of choice for gatherings with family and friends.

Popular Australia Day Foods

Pretty much any food that can be barbecued or prepared and served cold for a picnic are popular choices for this holiday. People tend to celebrate outdoors, enjoying foods that are easy to eat outside or travel well for gatherings.

Which meats can you grill? Well, pretty much any of them.

For most Aussies, meat is on the menu for Australia Day. And they’re usually cooked on an outdoor barbecue grill. Hamburgers, steaks, sausages, fish, prawns, and lamb chops are favorites.

A variety of cookies and baked desserts are common fare for the holiday. They’re easy to transport to picnic locations and don’t usually need to be kept refrigerated. Some of the most popular cookies in Australia are Anzac biscuits, Jaffas, and Tim Tams.

And don’t forget that beer is a popular cold beverage for adults who are celebrating the day.

As Australia Day approaches, it’s a great time to advertise all your party food and beverages. Starting Australia Day ads now means you’ll increase your sales for this time of year.

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