Food Advertising

Why We Acquired Healthy Ads


When I started Gourmet Ads in July 2008, my vision was to create a platform where advertisers could reach audiences of grocery buyers and home cooks at scale accessed via a community of food websites, whilst at the same time providing a broad monetization platform to publishers.  8 Years nearly to the day and the goal hasn’t changed.

In order to deliver my vision, we’ve had to build a great deal of infrastructure in order to manage the workflow of managing over 2000+ websites. Add to this our Publisher Console which empowers publishers. For some time we’ve taken a vertical agnostic approach, developing our platform to manage any form of publisher content.

Over the last 18 months we’ve been looking both closely and afar at companies running niche / verticals that are similar in nature to our existing audience. This would allow us to leverage of our long term media buying relationships. Healthy Ads was interesting for us as we felt it was too far from our audience in Gourmet Ads, and was a perfect next step for us.

We’ve now transitioned all the existing Healthy Ads publishers onto our infrastructure which means for buyers this is the first time that the sites in Healthy Ads have been available programmatically. As of today Healthy Ads can be bought via Programmatic Deals in Appnexus.

Our plan with Healthy Ads over the next few months (in preparation for Q4) is to significantly expand the number of publishers in the network. We’ve already started talking to sites in categories like Wellbeing, Marathon, Gym, Fitness, Organic, Men’s Health and Women’s Health to name a few.

For now, Healthy Ads and Gourmet Ads will continue to be run in parallel, but be available separately on both a programmatic and direct basis.

This is a very exciting time for my team, our publishers and our media buying partners around the world. Healthy Ads won’t be the last of our acquisitions either, we are continuing to look for verticals that are undervalued.


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