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The Gourmet Ads Advertising White Papers and Guides provide marketers, brand advertisers and advertising agencies essential information, tips and advice on running food and wine related advertising programs online.

As a global leader in the field of food advertising, we have a unique perspective on the industry and have written a number of advertising white papers and best practice guides that we hope you’ll find useful.

Here are our Advertising White Papers for Download

Food Advertising White Paper

Ultimate Guide to Food Advertising Online

Essential Reading for any Marketing or Advertising Executive tasked with promoting a food product or brand online. Our Food Advertising Guide covers 20 topics including:

  • Tips to developing the perfect Advertising Creative for your Food Brand
  • How to use Branded Recipes in your online advertising strategy
  • Keys to maximizing Campaign Performance & Results
  • How to leverage your existing Audience Data in campaigns




Food Advertising White Paper

Recipe Publishing Online White Paper

Nearly every food company publishes their recipes online in some form or another. Our Guide to Recipe Publishing Online provides insight to the best practices from both a marketing and technical perspective. Our 20 page White Paper has topics including;

  • Structure of Recipe (ie what should you include)
  • Food Photography and Recipe Videos
  • Using hRecipe and Recipe Schema Microformats
  • Sharing and Submitting Recipes to Search Engines




Food Advertising White Paper

50 Campaign Advertising Ideas White Paper

Coming up with new ideas for advertising campaigns can be a struggle. Just as writers get “writer’s block,” so too do marketers. Our White Paper includes advertising ideas on;

  • Branding, Content and Contests
  • Ecommerce, Mobile and Social Media
  • Direct Response Campaigns
  • Holiday & Event Based Campaigns




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