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Interaction Tracking

Interaction Tracking

Interaction Tracking Measures how audiences interacts with your Advertising

Ever wanted to know how many times viewers press play or watch the ad through to the end?

With Gourmet Ads Interaction Tracking or engagement tracking we provide streamline measurement and reporting of user actions.

Interaction tracking supports the tracking of both simple and more complex actions, such as how many viewers watch a set percentage of the ad before abandonment. With this information advertisers can implement A/B testing of their creative and optimize future campaigns.

Interaction Tracking allows you to:

  • Specify up to 10 interaction events to track per campaign and use them across multiple ads
  • Track user actions by campaign, and line item and view reporting data by campaign

Finally, Interaction Tracking does require collaboration with your creative team to develop advertising creative that allows the use of tracking tokens.

Contact Us for more information about using Interaction Tracking on your next Advertising Campaign.

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