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Targeting Household Owners

Targeting Household Owners

Reach Home Owners or Renters with Targeting Household Owners

As part of our Demographic Targeting feature on Gourmet Ads, we have the ability Targeting Household Owners. Targeting house owners or even apartment owners is critical for a great deal of advertisers, from renovations to insurance as well as kitchen designers.

We can target populations more likely to own homes or more likely to rent depending on the focus for your campaign. There are 5 scales available, from the lowest proportion of owner-occupied households (highest proportion of renters) through to the highest proportion of owner-occupied households (lowest proportion of renters).

Two user cases for Targeting Household Owners our could be ;

  • Reach Renters advertising Home Loan / Financing products
  • Reach Home Owners advertising Kitchen Renovations, Do it your self products or Insurance

Contact Us for more information about using Targeting Household Owners on your next Advertising Campaign.

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