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Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking – Learn where your Audience goes after Clicking

Conversion Tracking is a solution for advertisers who are interested in what happens to users after they click on an ad running on Gourmet Ads. The actions that these users perform on the advertiser’s site after the click are called Conversion Tracking events.

A Conversion Tracking event is registered when an ad click leads to an event that the advertiser considers valuable. Depending on the business, an event can be defined as;

  • A purchase
  • A signup
  • A registration
  • A request for more information
  • A page view
  • A demo download

The page where the advertiser confirms that a user has successfully taken one of these actions is the conversion page. A Conversion Tracking tag is placed on the conversion page and is then seen by the user’s browser after an event occurs. Gourmet Ads then correlates the Conversion Tracking tag back to the campaign line item and the specific ad that generated the impression or click.

Conversion tracking works by placing cookies on users’ computers when they view or click on one of the ads run on Gourmet Ads. Then, if users reach one of the pre-defined conversion pages, the cookies are connected to this conversion page and recorded as a successful Conversion Tracking event.

When a Conversion Tracking event occurs, the following data points are captured ;

  • When the event occurred
  • The IP address of the user who performed the event
  • The campaign/media buy/ad that the user viewed or clicked on
  • The site/ad space the user viewed or clicked on
  • Attributes passed back (optional)

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