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Behavioral Targeting Examples

Behavioral Targeting Examples

Behavioral Targeting Audience Segments via DMPs

Many large commercial sites are starting to use DMPs (data management platforms) such as Red Aril or Demdex to collect both user data as well as behavior based data to create audience “segments”.  Apart from simple demographic based segments such as age or sex, advertisers can create complex segments for audiences mostly likely to transact with them. The transaction can be ecommerce based through to requesting a price or quotation.

For example, a Kitchen Appliances company only wanted to target users who have interacted with the brand previously. Essentially they wanted to reach consumers that have cookies on their computers. Examples could be running a campaign aimed at people who have in the past 14 days;

  1. Filled out a web form or sent an enquiry, and/or
  2. Have browsed more than 10 pages of their own site, and/or
  3. Searched for your brand name in the search engine

It’s fair to say that these people are most likely to purchase the kitchen appliance very soon. So it’s important to only run advertising targeted to these consumers. That’s where Behavioral Targeting comes in.

Behavioral Targeting Examples used by Our Advertisers

Even though Gourmet Ads is brand advertising platform, we are seeing more and more advertisers who are adding additional line items to campaigns with some sort Behavioural Targeting.

Taking a top level view here are some real Behavioral Targeting Examples as used by our clients ;

  • Online Grocery Store Site bringing back consumers who haven’t purchased
  • Manufacturer who was giving away samples, but didn’t complete the form
  • Online Kitchen Warehouse advertising to people who have added products to their cart but didn’t check out.
  • Recipe Site that is targeting audiences who have visited their site but didn’t sign up to their newsletter
  • Automotive manufacture who browser car models on their site

If you’d like more information, see Behavioral Targeting or other Behavioral Targeting Examples please Contact Us.

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