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Over the Page Advertising

Over the Page Advertising

Over the Page Advertising is Large Format Advertising over Publisher Content

Over the Page Advertising is when the advertising creative is served sitting above the webpage being viewed. Served as the first impression that a user sees when visiting the website, the large format and 100% of the page real estate encourages user interaction and engagement.

Typically displayed for about 10 or 15 seconds before the ad disappears or goes to a leave behind unit. The Over the Page units (sometimes referred to by rich media hosting companies as an Anchored Float) when paired with regular display advertising units on the page after the creative has finished can provide to be one of the best media buys online.

Gourmet Ads can manage any sized creative for an Over the Page Advertising creative, however we do find that our 800×600 size performs very well. Key to Over the Page Advertising success should be to keep the creative concise, captivating and straight to the point as well as making sure that the ad loads fast. Frequency capping is implemented usually 1/24 or 1/48.

Benefits of Over the Page Advertising

  • High Visual Impact – Ideal for Brand or Product Launch
  • Extreme level of engagement and click through
  • Engaging and prominent Large Ad format which encourages user interaction
  • Large creative space (usually 800×600)
  • The first impression of the day a user sees
  • Large reach across multiple sites
  • 100% of the page real estate
  • Can use Video, Rich Media or Static creative

Over The Page Advertising Demo

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