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Marketprice Deals (No Floor Price)

Marketprice Deals (No Floor Price)

For Programmatic Buyers, having priority access in a Publisher’s Ad Server meant you had to pay a premium in higher CPMs to ensure you get first look at unique inventory pools.
Our Marketprice Deals feature allows buyers to setup Deals IDs with no Floor Price. You’ll end up paying a fair market rate for the inventory at that time, somewhat similar to what you would see buying Open Exchange. As you’d expect, CPM prices fluctuate up and down, and we’ve seen buyers using Marketprice Deals pay 27% less than rack rates, whilst buying 34% more impressions.

Advantages of using Marketprice Deals

  • Win More Impressions whilst Paying Lower CPMs
  • Traffic Marketprice Deals across both Upper Funnel & Lower Funnel Campaigns
  • Less time Debugging Deals related Price based Issues
  • Let the Algorithms price campaigns in realtime at the going Market Rate

To start using Marketprice Deals, ask your account manager to convert your current running deals or Contact Us and we’ll convert or setup Market Price deals for your campaigns.

Start Buying with Marketprice Deals Today

Click here to run Marketprice Deals
# As at 1st Feb 2018, Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) does not support Marketprice Deals.

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