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Interstitials are Large Format Ad Units with 100% Real Estate

Interstitials are when a splash page is displayed before an expected content page. The interstitial is typically displayed for about 20 to 30 seconds before taking the viewer to the desired content page. On the destination page, Roadblock Advertising can be used to reinforce the brand message.

Interstitial ads can either be static, rich media or video ads. Video Interstitial Ads are increasing in popularity with advertisers as they are like a Video Pre Roll ad or TV Advertisements. Some video content owners are using interstitials to seed viral content.

Commonly used creative sizes are 600×400, 640×480, 720×300 or 800×600 however given we have 100% of the page real estate we are flexible with ad sizes. Key to interstitial advertising success should be to keep the creative concise, captivating and straight to the point as well as making sure that the ad loads fast.

Benefits of using Interstitials ;

  • High Visual Impact
  • Ideal for Brand or Product Launch
  • Extreme level of engagement and click through
  • Can use Video, Rich Media or Static creative

Usually an interstitials are capped to display once every 24 hours (1/24) and the mandatory use of frequency controls ensures a positive user experience. Also additionally it’s important that your interstitials are contextually relevant to the destination site otherwise the engagement and click levels will be reduced.

Interstitial Advertising Demo

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