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IAB Rising Stars

IAB Rising Stars

What are IAB Rising Stars?

IAB Rising Stars are Ad Formats which joined the existing IAB Standard Ad Units in 2012. They were derived from a competition in 2010 where IAB publishers were asked to submit innovative formats with branding and engagement potential. From 36 submissions, six new formats were selected and tested by IAB before becoming IAB Standard Ad Unit.

Why do we like IAB Rising Stars?

IAB Rising Star format offers advertisers a large canvas and premium location to engage with our audience. What’s more we consistently see them they outperform standard IAB units.
Whilst Gourmet Ads runs a select few of the IAB Rising Stars units, nearly every publisher across the network runs at least one of the ad sizes. As such this gives Advertising great scale across our network of publishers with these premium sized ads.

IAB Rising Sizes Across Gourmet Ads

Half Page – 300×600 (Most Popular with Publishers)
Billboard – 970×250
Pushdown – 970×90 > 970×415

For more information about running a campaign using IAB Rising Star Units, please Contact our Advertising Team or
Download our Media Kit to learn more.

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