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Bumper Sticker

Bumper Stickers are a Wide Reaching and High Impact Advertising Unit

Bumper Sticker Advertising units run at the bottom of the user’s web browser. Aptly named, these beyond the banner type of rich media executions are similar to in style to Floating Ads because they float or hover over the top of content. Because Bumper Sticker Ads lay at the bottom of the browser and not the bottom of the page, the have high level of interactivity and engagement. Similar performance metrics in nature to thre Above the Page Ad execution. Easily executed through our ad server, there are two distinct styles of Bumper Sticker Ads, these being;

Persistent Bumper Sticker
The Persistent Bumper Sticker on loading appears above the content and does not retract.

Retracting Bumper Sticker
The Retracting Bumper Sticker on loading appears above the content, plays as required then retracts to a thinner bumper sticker or similar. This is sometimes to referred to as Sharkfin Ads.

The creative design of Bumper Sticker Advertising units are endless, with some clients featuring video players, while others incorporating webforms in to the unit. Usually bumper sticker advertisement are capped to display once every 24 hours (1/24) and the mandatory use of frequency controls ensures a positive user experience.

Benefits of Bumper Sticker Advertising

  • High Visual Impact
  • Ideal for Brand or Product Launch
  • Extreme level of engagement and click through
  • Can use Video, Rich Media or Static creative

Bumper Sticker Demo

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