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Background Advertising

Background Advertising

Background Advertising Solutions when user Attention and Engagement is Paramount

Background Advertising, often referred to as Background Skins or Wallpaper Advertising is a very effective tool for branding campaigns when gaining user attention and engagement is paramount. Delivered across multiple sites concurrently, Background Advertising provides a wide reaching media buy with similar metrics to those of a TV media buy.

Gourmet Ads actually serve Background Advertising using a 3rd Party Tag via our ad server. Because of this delivery method we can synchronize the background advertising skin with regular display units for maximum impact and engagement. Additionally, we can measure click throughs, impressions and provide targeting options like other campaigns such as time / day and frequency capping.

Apart from simple static backgrounds, we can develop Background Skins which feature Flash elements including video. This is great for running promotions like Movie Trailers, TV Shows (such as cooking shows) or new product launches. The ideas for background advertising campaigns are endless.

Background Advertising Features;

  • Large Format Execution
  • Run with regular display units
  • Unlimited or Capped Impressions
  • Fixed Price or CPM
  • Track Impressions and Clicks

Finally and from a technical perspective, our system will tailor the background advertising size to suit the end user, so it doesn’t matter what size monitor the user has. Our system will also determine if the user has Adobe Flash installed or not and will deliver the best Background Skin creative possible. Backgrounds are typically 1280 pixels wide and they are delivered either via a 1×1 pixel or embedded into an existing advertising tag. Our Publisher Team tests all Background Advertising Skins before sending the campaign live.


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