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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

The entire team at Gourmet Ads would like to welcome you to our network. This page will help you get ads up and running on your site and begin earning money for you.

1. Ad Tags

Our publishing team will email you a set of ad tags for your site, which are the most popular sizes with advertisers and agencies across the world;

If you haven’t received your ad tags yet, please contact us.

2. Positioning of Ads

Advertisers insist on running their ads above the fold, as such we require at least 2 ads above the fold and no more than 3-4 ads on a single page. In regards to where to positioning your ads it’s important to read this blog before you start adding them to your site – Positioning Your Ad Units

3. Screen Shots

After you have setup all the ad units on the site, please email us screen shots or links to the pages where you have setup Gourmet Ads ad tags. This is an important phase as we need to check on behalf of our advertising clients that ads are above fold and have been setup properly.

4. Comscore

After you’ve set your ads up we need you to authorize that your site/s is part of the Gourmet Ads network on Comscore
Authorize your site here –

5. Going Live

Initially ads running through your tags will be a combination of Run of Network, Remnant and house ads. Before you start getting our Premium Ads you need to email us and let us know your site is live and have filled out the Comscore letter. It’s essential to send us at least 2 screen shots to speed up the process.

Once we’ve looked over your site, we’ll then start adding your site to relevant advertising campaigns. Finally, we’ll start including your site onto as many campaigns as we can, however this can take up to a month for all of them to be allocated to your site, especially UK Campaigns.

After you’re Ads are Live.

1. Access your Control Panel

Go to – make sure you bookmark this page as it is your login page to your control panel which will provide your reporting.

2. Account & Payment Information

While you are in the Adify control panel, make sure that all your contact and payment information is valid and up to date.

3. Advertising Page

In order us to help you sell your website or blog its important on your Advertising Page to refer you reads to the Gourmet Ads site.  If you don’t already have an Advertising page, then we recommend that you create one and add something like this text;

Our site is part of the Gourmet Ads network ( If you are interested in running an advertising campaign with us, please contact the sales team at Gourmet Ads.

4. Traffic Booster Program

As a publisher of Gourmet Ads, we’d like to invite you to our free Traffic Booster Program. The 30 day program helps you improve the traffic to your website or blog.

Learn more or signup to the program at

5. Ongoing Publisher Support

The team at Adify Publisher Operations are there to help. If you have any questions about the Adify interface or adserving questions, don’t hesitate to contact them at;

Phone – 1 877 GO-ADIFY (1 877 462 3439 / outside the US: +1 650 392 6200)
Email –

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