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Publisher Eligibility

Publisher Eligibility

We are always looking for premium publishers to join the Gourmet Ads, however we thoroughly review all publisher applications which apply. By having strict publisher eligibility standards it enables us to attract premium advertisers, which in turn provide publishers high-quality, visually appealing advertising creative that is relevant to your audience. We also do welcome applications from larger portals or video sites which have food, wine or beer categories, providing we can serve ads specific to those topics only.

To be considered as a publisher, website or blog eligibility includes;

  • Theme of the site must strictly be related to food or cooking, eg a website that provides recipes
  • Have strong US, UK, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand audiences.
  • Must be actively creating rich and highly engaging content
  • Attract over 5,000 monthly page views
  • Be written in English
  • Have advertisements above the fold – our preference is 2 ads above the fold
  • Must have a Privacy Policy (if you don’t have one, see Privacy Policy for Publishers)
  • Ideally operate on its own top-level domain like (we prefer not free hosted)

Apply to become a publisher with Gourmet Ads

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