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Your New Year’s Resolution

Your New Year’s Resolution

Influence New Year’s Resolutions with an Advertising Campaign

If you’re a marketer, advertiser or media buyer at an agency, then your New Year’s Resolution needs to be about spending your advertising budget where you can measure the return on investment and advertise cost effectively. So what does this mean?

Well unlike all other advertising mediums, online advertising is the only medium which can provide clear metrics on the performance of your campaign. This means that you can quickly and accurately measure the return on investment, and increase or decrease the advertising budget as required to ensure performance.

For TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazine Outdoor Advertisers
If you don’t advertise online, then now is the time to start dipping your toe into some sort of online advertising. Online not only allows you to measure the return on investment, but compared to other mediums is not only cheaper, but much more cost effective to run your campaigns.

Online also allows you to target your user in ways that other mediums just can’t do. For example Gourmet Ads can target by Vertical, Geography (Geo Targeting), Time and day targeting, Bandwidth, Browser & Operating Systems, Language or even Frequency capping; allowing you to reach your target audience and completely control the conversation with your consumers.

New Year’s Resolution

Dip your toes into online advertising instead of spending it on advertising you can’t measure.

For Online Advertisers
If you are advertising online, where are you buying your advertising? Are you buying advertising in a vertical network which is related to your products or services? I.e. if you are selling gourmet foods or premium wines are you advertising on quality food sites or wine review sites? Or are you advertising on large portals which don’t really allow you target your audience?

New Year’s Resolutionbegin advertising in vertical advertising networks online instead of large portals

So, no matter if you’re an existing online advertiser or new to online advertising, Gourmet Ads can help deliver your message online and on budget.

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