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Wooing the Moms

Wooing the Moms

Advertising to the Moms

Women are one of the largest audiences for retailers and grocers. This is mainly because moms are the main grocery buyers in the majority of family homes. Due to the statistics of moms doing the majority of the weekly grocery shopping lists, this means that advertising campaigns are often tailored toward the populations of mothers out there.

When special occasions are approaching, most retailers and grocers also run special campaigns, especially around occasions such as Christmas, Easter or Mother’s Day. This means that manufacturers can advertise about moms and for moms.

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, advertising campaigns on Gourmet Ads can help create brand identities which are well perceived by the female audience. These ad campaigns can target people who want to buy things for their mothers or they can target mothers who want to buy things for their families – and these types of products can range from gifts to basic home essentials, meaning that there is a lot of opportunity for making money.

The Gourmet Ads network of sites has an audience which reflects the changing roles of shoppers. The priorities of shoppers are different nowadays and ad campaigns need to reflect this in order to reach out to certain demographics.

Gourmet Ads network to reach moms

Roughly 62% of our readers are female, therefore making it an ideal platform for advertising mom related campaigns. You can use the Gourmet Ads network of sites to reach out to female shoppers, moms, families and anyone who wants to buy mom-themed items before Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is the type of occasion when moms are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It is the perfect opportunity for families to show appreciation for their moms, grandmothers and wives and charm them for the day. Advertising campaigns need to emphasise how important moms are and introduce products and special offers which celebrate female family members at this time of year.

With a large female audience, Gourmet Ads is also a great platform for advertising at other times of year too. Products which would  be appealing to health conscious families or moms who want to buy specific products for their children etc will benefit from the advertising found on the network of sites and brands will therefore benefit from the helpful advertising campaigns.

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