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Women Watch Videos Online

Women Watch Videos Online

Once considered the domain of young, male users, Women Watch Videos Online

It’s no secret that online video content seems to be feeding an insatiable audience. The explosive growth of online video sharing services means that everything from cute animals and how to videos to movie previews and nearly anything else you can imagine is available to people everywhere in just a few clicks. However, research on who spends time watching online video content is changing the way advertisers (especially CPGs) think about promoting their products.

Once considered the domain of young, male users, online video content has found a dedicated audience among women between the ages of 25 and 44. Unsurprisingly, women view online video content in a far different way than their male counterparts. Women are more likely than men to watch videos online recommended by friends in the form of emailed or linked videos, and women are far more likely than men to click on a link to a video found on a social media site posted by a friend. The viewing habits of women aren’t easily grouped by age, studies find. Instead, women relate to videos based on their life stage and what events are occurring in their life. This is likely the reason that women connect with videos and become more engaged than male viewers- women search out videos that provide them with necessary information, skills, or emotional currency that suits their lifestyle rather than simply watching amusing clips.

For advertisers, the needs of women viewers offer a significant opportunity to provide consumers with the things they are looking for. Today’s woman viewer is often a busy mother and career woman who is looking for information that can help make her life a little easier. Advertisers who are able to capture this type of information and present it in the form of a short, relevant video are likely to see the so-called “viral” distribution of their video. Women are far more likely than men to send a video clip that they find interesting to friends and family. And women who receive video clips from others are more likely to watch those clips than others.

Women tend to watch longer videos online than their male counterparts

While understanding the viewing and sharing habits of women is important, advertisers must also understand what women hope to gain out of viewing videos online. Like men, women are most likely to watch online video content when they are bored or need to relieve stress. Women are not only searching for useful information, they are hoping to find an emotional connection to the content of the video. Creating videos with an upbeat, positive message is one way that advertisers can appeal to the needs of female viewers. Advertisements that contain funny content are the most likely to be shared among women. Women tend to watch longer videos than their male counterparts, giving advertisers a better opportunity to present their information as long as the video remains engaging and entertaining.

Adding streaming video content to your website or online ads is an important tool for attracting new customers of both genders. However, if your target audience is women, creating the right video is even more important. Gourmet Ads can run video pre roll advertising that will engage your viewers and showcase your product to female audiences while Women Watch Videos Online.

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