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Winemaker in your Wine Ads

Winemaker in your Wine Ads

Do your Wine Ads feature your Winemaker ?

As wine brands strive for market share and some for increased credibility with consumers, it amazes me why brands don’t run wine ads featuring their winemaker. Most wine brands on the other hand run simple advertising of glamorized bottle shots with quotes from some half famous wine reviewer that none has ever heard of. As such most wine advertising usually looks the same, i.e. clinical and unoriginal from a consumer’s point of view.

So why not create advertising using your winemaker which is educational and encourages your consumer to learn more about a brand. It just doesn’t just have to be in the advertising as such, it could be your winemaker talking about a particular vintage or the vineyard challenges etc. How much more engaging is this, compared to a simple PDF of cellar notes which most winery brands develop and stick on their hard to navigate website.

We’d recommend using video to include your winemaker in your advertising and web presence. In terms of creative strategy there are a few paths when it comes to video that can be taken. The first is to use teaser video of 15 seconds or 30 seconds either in Pre Roll Video paired with a companion ad or in 300×250 in unit video placements.

The second path would be the destination of where you drive consumers to. A carefully developed microsite where the winemaker is featured in a series of videos from how the wine was made, or videos from the day of harvest through to the difference between one year to the next is much more interesting and once engaged with the content would inspire and motivate me to go and buy the latest vintage.

Have your Agency create deeper Engaging Wine Ads

Wine advertising doesn’t have to be boring and the same as your competitors. Try something new and create deeper engagement with your consumers.

The Gourmet Ads audience of grocery buyers is an ideal target audience of consumers to reach, as they make the majority of household purchases including wine, as such you needs to be developing and running wine ads.

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