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Wine Tourism Advertising

Wine Tourism Advertising

Wine Tourism is about traveling to wine regions in search of new experiences

People travel for a variety of reasons that usually involves seeking a specific experience such as relaxation, discovering history, experiencing a new culture or to enjoy different foods and wines. In fact, many people travel specifically to experience and learn about wine in its “native environment”. Some people discover wine tourism accidentally, as a part of their vacation to an area that specializes in wine and others travel specifically to learn about and enjoy wine. In either case, there is a viable market that wine and grape growers associations, travel agencies and even an entire wine region acting as a co-op can tap into with the right advertising campaign.

Typically, wine tourism consists of traveling to a particular wine region in search of a variety of experiences including dining with fine wines, visiting vineyards and wine cellars for tours and education and of course, wine tastings. Wine tourism tends to attract a higher quality of clientele that are not likely to be impacted by a down economy which makes them an excellent market to advertise to right now. Travel agencies, wine region co-ops and growers’ associations can all benefit from increased wine tourism advertising.

Online advertising is one of the best ways to attract new business for wine tourism, especially in ads that cater to this type of clientele on gourmet food sites. People who are interested in fine foods and wines are those most likely to engage in wine tourism and these are the people who read gourmet food articles. This type of online advertising has a high rate of success because of its ability to be highly targeted and because it is usually viewed for a longer period of time. Online advertising costs much less than advertising on TV or radio and the success of the ad campaign is much more measurable.

Nearly every wine region unites to form a co-op to promote their own wine region and the grape variety they are known for. This offers potential wine tourists with a unique experience on each wine tour they take. They might visit McLaren Vale, South Australia for a beautiful view of the ocean and a fine glass of Shiraz or travel to Napa Valley, CA for a premium Chardonnay or Merlot. Then there is always a visit to Oregon for a delightfully complex pinot noir or to the Loire Valley in France for the finest champagne in the world.

Wine tourism advertising is the perfect opportunity to reach this high quality target market

Wine tourism is on the rise and now is the perfect opportunity to tap into this high quality market with the right online advertising campaign. There are wine tourists just waiting for the right invitation to tempt their palate and other travelers who would become wine tourists if only they knew about the enriching experience that awaits them. Remember that these wine tourists could be local, domestic or international. Wine Tourism Advertising is the best way for travel agents and wine tour operators to reach such a highly targeted market than with online advertising?

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