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Wine Sales on a Monday

Wine Sales on a Monday

We’re often asked by advertisers and advertising agencies to offer practical ideas on how they can use time and day targeting to maximise the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Well today we discovered a great example using real data.

Corkscrew is a website that allows you to track wines and check the pricing of them on the web, mobile web, iPhone, email and SMS. In a recent blog from team at Corkscrew called Sober on Mondays, the team looked at the data of when their users were using the site and as indicated below and commented “Only 5% of wine consumption happens on a Monday, while the weekends account for 56%. As suspected, Saturday is the big drinking day, with 22% of drinks.”

So taking this example, how can you tailor your advertising campaign to only reach wine consumers when it matters. By planning media towards the end of the week and after lunch will definitely contribute to a more effective media buy.


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