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Grocery Buyers are usually the consumers buying Wine for the Household

Gourmet Ads works with a variety of wine companies, but you’d be surprised to know that the majority of the campaigns being run are targeted to grocery buyers and not the wine connoisseur. Apart from working with major wine companies and smaller boutique wineries, Gourmet Ads runs a lot of wine campaigns for wine retailers and liquor chains.

There is no doubt that expensive high end wines (here at Gourmet Ads we call them collectors) skews to more of a male demographic however the majority of wine campaigns we run are for wines are under $20 and targeted to the female grocery buyer. Our clients prefer to target the audience which is going to make a wine purchase while doing the groceries. With this mind it’s important to influence the wine buying decision before they go to the grocery store. With Gourmet Ads our advertising positions are next to or close by recipes, allow you to reach the grocery buyer while they are doing their grocery list. Instead of having your target market put down wine on their shopping list, wouldn’t it be better for them to write your wine brand down? That way their looking for your brand instead of just a white or red wine.

Geo Targeting is recommend for Wine Advertising to Grocery Buyers

Some wine brands are national, others are available in select markets. Using our platform’s industry standard Geo Targeting capabilities, we can pinpoint your target market only displaying your ads if they live in your target market’s location.

So if you’re a wine retailer or winery, what kind if campaigns could you run with Gourmet Ads? Well a while ago we wrote a list of ideas – check our Wine Advertising Ideas.

So of you’re charged with lifting wine sales and increasing brand awareness, then Gourmet Ads can help you reach grocery buyers online and influence their buying decisions.

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