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Wine Advertising Ideas

Wine Advertising Ideas

Need Wine Advertising Ideas ? Here’s 10 ideas for your next campaign.

Gourmet Ads works with wineries right around the world marketing their wine brand to grocery buyers online. So we thought we’d share 10 simple Wine Advertising Ideas on how wine companies can market themselves online.

Some of our Wine Advertising Ideas are obvious, others not so.

  1. Branding Advertising
    Probably the most obvious and straight forward is brand marketing. This is where the message is simply the brand and is created to engage the user and provide brand awareness so your product stands out on the shelf. Some of the key messages when advertising wine brands include location of the winery, awards and varieties.

  3. Online Wine Sales
    Most wineries these days have online ecommerce solutions on their websites, but few actually heavily advertise and promote them. Campaigns can be targeted on selling the latest vintages or even last years vintage. A key to success is to either provide free shipping or flat rate delivery.

  5. New Vintages campaign
    Aimed at consumers that already buy your wine, a wine advertising campaign that introduced customers about your new vintage can be a way to kick off sales. Either centered on the entire range or just one wine, the campaign could mention awards or how long a variety could be cellared for.

  7. Retailer & Branding campaign
    Telling your consumers where they can buy your wines is very important, it’s the reason why you’ve probably got a long list of them on your website. But have you thought about a co-promotion with the retailer to drive sales in store. Your advertising could drive people to a landing page which told people of the offer or allowed them to print a coupon to get the discount. Copuld be buy a dozen wines and get a magnum of your sparkling. What ever the offer is, both you and the retailer benefit which is why you could share the advertising costs with them allowing you reach a great number of consumers.

  9. Export Market
    Say you’re an Australian winery and you export to four America states (such as California, New York, Nevada and Florida). Why not target your wine advertising campaign to only appear in the major cities in those states, i.e. Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Diego and San Francisco for California State. In fact Gourmet Ads can actually go right down to the post or zip codes of towns. This type of location targeting is called geo-targeting and allows you to maximise your advertising to the right location.

  11. Cellar Door Visit
    Driving consumers to your cellar door may sound unusual, but visitors to winery cellar doors spend money. Apart from buying wine and gifts for friends, many stay for lunch or afternoon tea in the winery restaurant. The strategy should be aimed at targeting the nearest major city towards the end when people are thinking about what to do on the weekend.

  13. Wine Club subscriptions
    Every winery knows that a large percentage of wine sales can be driven from newsletters sent to your wine club database. So it’s important that wineries continually invest in building their wine club databases to achieve growth. Subscription campaigns can be targeted at wines sites as well as food sites.

  15. Competitions
    Online competitions, if launched as part of an overall strategy can be very effective in raising brand awareness to a wine brand. The prize has to be for something significant like a years worth of wine or a weekend at the winery. It’s a great way to build brand and increase your database of potential consumers.

  17. Wine Dinner Events
    Many wineries undertake Wine Dinner Events throughout the year, but how often is the dinner not fully booked and you end up giving seats away for free? Together with the restaurant or hotel which is running the event an online advertising campaign can be launched to drive ticket sales. This can be promoted to people that have an interest in food and wine in the local area.

  19. Winemaker events
    Many wineries run events throughout the year each to connect with their consumers. A great example of this is the Australian winery Penfolds which runs re-corking clinics around Australia for owners of Penfolds Grange to have their wines inspected and re-corked. Why not run an online campaign to promote your winery event.

Feel free to Contact Us if you think we’ve missed any important Wine Advertising Ideas.

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