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Widgets for Branding

Widgets for Branding

Widgets Are Ideal for Brand Awareness

We’ve previously talked about Recipe Widgets which are useful for providing brand awareness on how to use ingredients in recipes. But these dynamic rich media units can provide significant branding opportunities for companies if executed correctly.

I’ve never really actually liked the term “widget”, as some early widgets were either desktop based or multiplatform, think Yahoo widgets which were installed on your machine. Brands had no control over how they were executed, installed or even metrics on how many people used them or engaged with them. How many times a week it was used, searched terms etc.

When we at Gourmet Ads refer to widgets, we mean a simple rich media units which are delivered using our advertising network. They are typically 300 x 250 island ad units. We traffic them to sites within our network and as such there isn’t any surprises and we can track engagements, displays, click throughs etc just like a regular ad unit.

So what can be delivered via a widget? Pretty much anything these days, from content including video, through to competitions, newsletter subscriptions, even CRM strategies can be delivered.. it may sound a little cliché but the ideas are endless with widgets.

Given the kind of content which can be delivered, the opportunities for brand awareness are significant. Even if users don’t engage with the widget, you gain brand recognition. Going one step further, as widgets are displayed and used, we can drop a cookie on the users machine tracking users which use your widget. We can then continue to target these consumers, either with the widget again or even a newsletter subscription form or any other relevant messaging.

Run Multiple Widgets Concurrently with Gourmet Ads

Gourmet Ads is flexible in our pricing for recipe widgets as we believe that widgets are a long term branding strategy. Apart from production costs, we can either price widgets on a CPM basis or fixed quarterly, 6 months or even annually.

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