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Which Supermarket?

Which Supermarket?

Supermarket advertisers are constantly on the lookout for ways to attract new shoppers to their stores

Supermarket advertisers are constantly on the lookout for ways to attract new shoppers to their stores. While there are varying opinions about what works best, learning about the habits of grocery buyers can help supermarkets come up with effective strategies for bringing shoppers in. Once supermarkets know a particular trait or habit about their customers, they can develop campaigns to connect or engage with them. This in turns generates a better return on investment.

The primary reason cited by shoppers for choosing one store over another is the proximity of that store to home or work, followed closely by the location of the supermarket in relation to other shopping and parking. Stores that are located in densely populated residential areas are likely to attract shoppers simply due to their location, but that doesn’t mean that stores in business districts can’t bring in those same shoppers. Keeping in mind the fact that customers want to shop near where they spend time during other activities, think about how your location could help you bring in customers. Are you located in a business-heavy area? Think about offering after work meal specials to bring in busy employees looking for a quick way to prepare dinner and pick up a few groceries. By being creative with your advertising plans, you can attract customers who may not realize just how convenient shopping at your supermarket can be.

A more surprising reason cited by shoppers for choosing a certain supermarket is habit- shoppers continue to shop where they have always shopped even if there are other supermarket choices available. For supermarkets, this means that it is more important than ever to draw in new shoppers by offering incentives that make customers break their shopping routine and try out your supermarket. To bring in customers who are used to shopping at other local retailers, consider coming up with advertising that offers incentives to new customers including giveaways, classes, or other promotions. Many of these customers also say that they prefer shopping at the same stores because they are comfortable with the layout of the store and know where things are. Once you bring new customers into your supermarket, you may consider including advertising material that helps them learn the layout of the store more easily.

Customers cite brands & fresh produce as reasons for shopping at a particular supermarket

Customers cite the availability of certain brands and products, fresh produce, and a wide selection of merchandise as other reasons for shopping at a particular supermarket. Advertising that gives customers a chance to see the range of products you carry and marketing the quality of produce in your store is another way to bring in new shoppers. Whether you choose to accomplish this through print advertisements such as sales circulars, internet marketing, or television or radio spots, highlighting the quality and selection available in your supermarket can help bring in new customers. If your store carries it’s own brand, you should consider marketing those products as budget conscious consumers are likely to return to a certain store to purchase store brand goods.

Surprisingly, store specials were ranked below these factors as a reason to go to a certain store. Understanding the shopping habits of your customers can help a supermarket design advertising that will attract both new customers and help you retain loyal shoppers.

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