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What is Real Time Bidding ?

What is Real Time Bidding ?

 Real Time Bidding allows digital media buying of advertising in “real time”

Real Time Bidding (RTB) is a relatively new way of buying media, where advertisers can buy online advertising space in “real time” through technology provides such as a DSP ( Demand Side Platforms) or SSP (Supply Side Platforms).  With many benefits for advertisers, RTB technology allows advertisers to choose the type of inventory, possibly pair it with first party data and then purchase it an auction style platform such as a Private Ad Exchange.

Both publishers and advertisers would agree that Real Time Bidding has a number of advantages including:

Targeting – Instead of bulk buying impressions that may be irrelevant to you and your brand; you can buy in real time much more targeted and successful inventory to reach your desired consumer. Great for Direct Response advertisers.

No Hidden Costs – Rather than paying a certain amount for your advertising space or for certain data, Real Time Bidding allows advertisers to see the set price that they will pay. This means that advertisers can be in control of what they pay, with terms are per-negotiated, and there are no hidden costs. Without spending your budget on badly-targeted impressions, you can use the allotted money to target specific demographics. The money you do pay is used to get relevant and targeted advertising space so that you can run an effective and successful ad campaign.

Growth Potential – Real Time Bidding is an advertising trend that has an immense growth potential and even towards the end of 2011, the use of real time bidding was a huge emerging trend. In 2012, Real Time Bidding is set to increase in popularity even more. Due to RTB’s benefits for branding and great money-saving abilities, Real Time Bidding is set to be a media technology where many companies are going to invest.

Gourmet Ads supports Real Time Bidding process

Trading in Real Time Bidding media is an innovative change to the media planning and media buying process. Of course, you can’t participate in Real Time Bidding without a reliable ad exchange platform. Our very own Gourmet Ads Marketplace allows advertisers to buy RTB inventory in a safe and controlled environment.

Advertising on Gourmet Ads works on a Click Per Impression (CPM) basis, so Real Time Bidding is an effective option for advertisers. This is mainly due to the control that you have over how and where your advertising goes. When you purchase the inventory, you are also able to view CPM rates and see whether you will be reaching your target demographic. Real Time Bidding therefore increases your advertising campaign’s cost effectiveness and overall efficiency.

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