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What is a Vertical Ad Network?

What is a Vertical Ad Network?

The term “Vertical Ad Network” is used in the media a lot, so what is it ?

We thought today we’d address a question that we’re asked a great deal from advertisers, i.e. What is a Vertical Ad Network? Over the past few years, the term vertical ad network has been thrown about quite often in the online marketing world, as well as in some of the industry’s leading publications such as Silicon Alley Insider and even major publications such as Bloomberg Business.

Essentially a vertical ad network is a collection of like-minded or niche sites aggregated together providing high reach environment for advertisers a single category. In our case, Gourmet Ads only works with food and recipe sites. We provide advertisers a platform to reach our entire audience in a single media buy, with similar metrics to a large portal.

Gourmet Ads as a Vertical Ad Network was designed to benefit food manufacturers

Gourmet Ads as a vertical ad network was designed to benefit food manufacturers, supermarkets, food retailers, kitchenware companies and wineries and any other business needing to reach the grocery buying audience.

We accomplish this by focusing specifically on food and recipes as well as the people who love to eat, cook, and entertain. Our goal is to connect advertisers with highly relevant, quality food and recipe websites to achieve brand awareness goals as well as sending our audience to the advertiser’s site or landing page.

Additionally, the majority of our ad space is exclusive, meaning that it simply isn’t available on the market anywhere else. Building these exclusive relationships with food sites that have a loyal following of readers helps to ensure quality page views as well as ensuring that we have accurate information about our audience.

So finally,  a vertical ad network is a way of reaching customers you simply can’t find on other sites. Even larger sites that are horizontally focused and unrelated to food can’t provide you with the targeted ad space that the Gourmet Ads’ vertical ad network offers when reaching grocery buyers.

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Gourmet Ads is a food advertising network which helps brands reach the grocery buyer online through premium and high visibility ad solutions on a CPM basis.


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