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What is a Private Ad Exchange ?

What is a Private Ad Exchange

What Constitutes a Private Ad Exchange ?

The Gourmet Ads Marketplace is the only dedicated food specific Private Ad Exchange on the Internet today. We allow advertisers to reach our audience of household grocery buyers in a real-time bidding environment. Advertisers can run campaigns at scale, quickly and cost effectively. Our private exchange is an environment where only pre approved advertising agencies and companies can bid on our inventory through programmatic methods, otherwise known as Real Time Bidding or RTB.

Premium Inventory Pool
Our advertising server provides a particular allocation of inventory to the marketplace each day and we only provide pre approved advertisers first look to this inventory. It’s not remnant inventory, but premium inventory across our websites. For example we include above the fold impressions. The inventory is simply unavailable anywhere else, but the Gourmet Ads Marketplace.

Site Transparency and Scale
As part of the setup, Gourmet Ads Marketplace buyers are provided a fully transparent site list, so they can buy with absolute confidence that they are only buying on sites provided. Gourmet Ads has a strict eligibility requirements for sites in order to be included, one of which are sites must be primarily be food and recipe sites. For food manufactures, supermarkets or kitchen product companies is there any better inventory available then content only about recipes ?

Data Capabilities
The greatest advantage for advertisers and their agencies is the ability to use your own 1st party data when buying in our private exchange. Advertisers without their own data can also use 3rd Party Data.  Media buying can be as direct or broad as required by advertisers. Buyers can bid on the impressions they want, opposed to buying impressions they don’t want.. An example of this is best illustrated with ecommerce sites that want to target a particular consumer which may have added items to their shopping cart, but left without making a purchase.

CPM Pricing
One of the advantages of media buying with the Gourmet Ads Marketplace is the pricing. We work with buyers on pre-negotiated pricing arrangements offering both fixed CPMs as well as Real Time Bidding to ensure you win the impressions you want.

Become a buyer on our Private Ad Exchange

If you are interested in becoming a buyer on our private ad exchange, then please Contact Us for information and CPM pricing.

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