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What is a Mid-Tail Publisher site?

What is a mid-tail publisher site?

Mid-Tail Publisher sites are Premium Niche Site which produces great content

A while ago we talked about Mid Tail Advertising and we specifically talked about the audience makeup and why it is important to reach these highly engaged audiences. The Mid Tail Advertising blog has stayed in the top ten blogs since we published it.

However the team at Gourmet Ads are still frequently asked by advertisers and advertising agencies, what is a mid-tail publisher site? With that in mind I thought we’d discuss that in detail and delve a little deeper and talk about what we look for when searching for sites to join the network.

So what’s a Mid-tail Publisher ? It’s a premium niche site which produces great content. So in the food space think of food blogs, food video sites, niche recipe websites and even web 2.0 applications like a recipe application for your iPhone. Some of the food sites in Gourmet Ads network are just about a particular topic like baking or cuisine like Mexican. They have dedicated and active audiences which participate in the conversation.

Many sites in the Mid-tail that Gourmet Ads represent have a cult like following with audiences visiting regularly throughout the month to read new content or participate. Some even attract users multiple times per day and bring them back by using site features such as RSS to deliver new content throughout the day.

So what does Gourmet Ads look for in Mid-tail publisher? Well from our perspective, a mid-tail publisher site is assessed from 4 separate directions, these being; Branding, Audience, Traffic and Content.

Does the website have a brand? Is it recognizable? Is there are personality behind the brand? Does it ad value to the entire Gourmet Ads network? Well it continue to grow?

It’s important that the sites which are part of network have a consistent audience to the rest of our network. We typically reach Women aged 27 -55 years old and are considered the main household grocery buyer. Does this audience fit our overall audience makeup?

Using a variety of tools we look at metrics from Google PageRank to Alexa, through to Quantcast and even the website itself to identify possible traffic volumes. We look for sites that are doing between page views between 50k to 10 million pages per month. However if the website or blog is quality they need to be doing just 5k in pages a month.

Is the site producing quality content? Is it original and unique? Would our clients like to advertise beside the content? Other things we look for is Email Newsletter as well as a strong RSS audience (ie Feed Burner Metrics).

The advantages of advertising on a Mid-tail Publisher site:

  • Highly engaged audiences
  • Sites are frequently visited
  • Many sites have a cult like following
  • Inexpensive CPM rates compared to large portals
  • Audiences range from 50k to 10 million pages per month
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