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What Grocery Buyers Want

What Grocery Buyers Want

Grocery Buyers have more options than ever before when they shop for food

Today, grocery buyers have more options than ever before when they shop for food. For food manufacturers, this means a greater need to find out what customers want and come up with ways to satisfy those grocery buyers. In most homes, the primary grocery buyer is also the primary meal preparer, and the demands of these consumers have increased significantly. The use of the internet as the primary tool for making meal preparation and purchasing decisions has created new demands- and opportunities- for food manufacturers as they make advertising decisions.

A majority of today’s consumers use the internet to search for meal ideas, look at food-related websites and blogs, and research products that they find interesting. When these consumers view advertisements online, the advertisements that they are most interested in are those that contain printable or mobile coupons. Today’s shopper is willing to try out new products, especially if those products come with a coupon or other offer.

Another important factor in the buying decisions of today’s grocery buyer is the nutritional value of the foods they purchase. Shoppers are more aware than ever of the need to provide healthy meals for their families, and online shoppers are attracted to ads which feature the nutritional value of different products. If you produce a food item that is highly nutritious, featuring this information in an online ad will attract family chefs looking for healthy options for their families.

While customers are more likely than ever to try new products, they are also interested in being sure that they like an item before buying it in a grocery store. Online advertising which offers consumers a free sample is highly successful for a number of reasons. First, customers must normally provide information such as their address which can be used to help target advertising and market expansion possibilities. Many companies also ask customers to fill out brief surveys which enable the company to find out more about the people who are interested in a product and their shopping habits.

It’s important to run advertising campaigns aimed at influencing Grocery Buyers

Because consumers are on the lookout for new meal ideas, providing illustrated recipe ideas on your site is a must. However, the sites that consumers are most interested in are those that feature videos that demonstrate preparing a recipe or using a new technique. These videos can be made by anyone, but videos that include a celebrity chef are particularly popular among the dedicated foodies among grocery buyers.

Grocery buyers are also busier than ever before, and struggle to balance the desire to bring healthy new recipes to their families with their busy lifestyle. Advertisements and websites that offer printable recipes including grocery shopping lists are popular with these shoppers, and many shoppers report that they will use the same recipe over and over once they find one that their family enjoys. Offering this service in conjunction with nutritional information and coupons is a surefire way to attract new shoppers and create loyal buyers for your brand.

The bottom line on today’s grocery buyer is that she wants to be able to purchase healthy food items for her family at a reasonable price. The increased competition among food manufacturers along with consumer reliance on internet advertising means that in order to succeed, companies must create advertising that appeals to the needs of grocery buyers.

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