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Website Scoring

Introducing Website Scoring of Food Publishers

Gourmet Ads has always had strict eligibility criteria when it comes to approving food and recipe websites as publishers. Publishers have never been able to simply signup and start serving ads like some other questionable networks. We have always had an approval process with every site being vetted by our Publishing team before being accepted. In addition, our publisher criteria are ever changing, an example of this is, earlier this year we implemented a Top Level Domain only policy. This particular changed provided great feedback from Advertisers and I think is one of the many reasons why agencies and brands continue to trust Gourmet Ads with their ad campaigns.

So this week we’ve introduced some “Special Sauce” to the publisher approval process. Many agencies and buyers rely on Comscore to assess a website and its audience. I have personally never felt that this should be the sole way to assess a site, especially for Tier 2 level sites, which typically are not on Comscore’s radar. Others use Alexa which I’ve always believed is complete rubbish.

With this in mind, Gourmet Ads have invested in our own technology for scoring a website as part of the publisher application process. Like Google’s PageRank we look a number of metrics available to us, and using a customized algorithm we score a site accordingly. Introducing Website Scoring is only the first part. With nearly 5 years of experience in running campaigns on food and recipe sites we know what works for advertiser and what doesn’t. The aim is to eliminate sites that just don’t or won’t make sense for use to include in Gourmet Ads long term.

Our Website Scoring Algorithm includes data from;

  • Audience Data
  • Social Indicators
  • Search Indicators
  • Contenting and Publishing History
  • Contextual Relevance
  • Spam Rating

Website Scoring is in its early days, but as begin to expand our publisher base of sites, it’s this sort of commitment we go to ensure our advertisers are not only getting the required results for their campaigns, but are on great food and recipe websites to begin with.


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