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Using the Web to Find Recipes

Using the Web to Find Recipes

Consumers want to Find Recipes that are fast, easy, and nutritious

Consumers report that one of their biggest challenges when cooking is to find recipes that are fast, easy, and nutritious. More and more home cooks are turning to the internet to help them come up with new ideas about how to feed their families.

Food manufacturers already know that offering recipes is a great way to extend a brand name, attract new customers, and retain consumers who already purchase a product. To be competitive in the food market, retailers and food producers have to find ways of letting customers know that they are offering a nutritious and delicious product. The best way to do that is by teaching customers how they can use your product to feed their families.

This is where online recipe sites come in. More customers are turning to the internet to find recipes ideas for creating meals that their families will enjoy, and food producers can use this trend to their advantage by advertising on these sites.

There are three different types sites where you can find recipes ;

    • Dedicated Recipe Sites – these are websites that offer nothing but recipes and information about food. They are usually run by individuals who have an interest in cooking who post recipes and sometimes articles. The recipes are often contributed by the site owner and site users. Many of these sites do offer advertising space to food producers.


    • Recipe Search Engines – a number of different recipe search engines exist, providing users with a way to search for recipes by type, ingredient, or name. Consumers often use these sites when they are looking for a recipe for a certain item of food, such as “chicken recipes” or “pasta meals”.


    • Food Blogs – the home of dedicated foodies, food blogs are the preferred browsing for millions of cooks. Food blogs are often dedicated to a specific topic, ranging from at home gourmet cooking to cooking on a budget. These sites offer recipes, cooking tips, and even advice on which stores are offering sales that may interest readers.


Consumers have moved away from cookbooks as a source of recipe ideas and have become increasingly attracted to websites that offer thousands of new meal ideas. For advertisers, the use of food and recipes websites has created a unique advertising opportunity. Customers who visit recipe sites are looking for specific information about recipes. If you are a food manufacturer, these sites allow you to market directly to the people who are most likely to buy your products.

When advertising online, Gourmet Ads has a number of advertising options available. Apart from regular Display Advertising, we can undertake Over the Page Advertising, Background Advertising, Video Advertising or Interstitial Advertising to name just a few. The opportunities for online advertising through recipe sites and food blogs are limited only by your creativity. So if you want to reach consumers as they use the Web to Find Recipes, Request a Media Kit from our team.

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