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Display ads generate impressions

Apparently 31% of online ads go unseen – and this is a worrying statistic for advertisers that feel like they are spending a lot of money on advertising campaigns. Most display ads are defined by the impressions that they generate, and the more impressions that they can create, the more successful an ad is considered to be.

An impression can be when it is displayed, or when a visitor clicks on it, however, convincing advertisers that ad impressions are cost effective and efficient if you have no proof can be difficult. An ad server places the advert in one space and the impression is often counted when it has left the server.

Ads are positioned so that they are viewable to customers, and when they are in specific formats or in particular places, web users are more likely to see them and increase the overall effectiveness of the ad immensely.

A new initiative, something that is taking the advertising world by storm and a method that can make more money is the ‘viewable impression’. Although impressions themselves have been around for a long time, the idea of viewable impressions means that impressions can be moved so that they are seen by the consumer write my essay for me uk. The better visibility an advert has, the more likely it is to generate an impression and also make a sale.

Half page ads have been proven to be an effective form of advertising over the years, but over the past couple of years, but since the launch of ServeView (a system that moves ads to highly viewed locations) has seen a triple increase in views and click through rates.

Ad placement is crucial for generating viewable impressions

As a publisher, you need to establish what will work best for you and your advertisers. This may mean that you need to adjust the way you work and let clients know about this new and much more effective method of impressions and click through rates. You may find that smaller display ads placed on sites with high traffic have a more efficient way of generating revenue than a half page ad does – it all depends on your methods of advertising.

What we need to understand is that experimentation with the viewable impression ad placement may be a lengthy process but it will be worth it for the amount of traffic and extra users we can reach out to for our advertisers.

The viewable impression is fast becoming one of the hottest topics in advertising, and you don’t want to be unprepared for the rush. You need to ensure that you can offer your clients a server that will place ads appropriately and in full view of new users to ensure more clicks. Let advertisers know statistics such as click through rates of medium sized ads generating 2.5 times more results than prior to the viewable impression.

Correct positioning of the advert, no matter what its format is vital in ensuring that it is seen by the consumer. Once it has been seen, you can boost ‘viewability’ of unique impressions for your advertiser clients and help them increase revenue.

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