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User Generated Recipes

User Generated Recipes

Brands should harness the value of User Generated Recipes

Some advertisers and their media buyers don’t like to run their advertising on websites which feature user generated content. This is because their advertising could appear next to something inappropriate like adult content or cats running around the house. I totally understand why some companies take that stance. However, User Generated Recipe sites are very different to regular user generated content and in now ways should be included within classification of general “User Generated” content.

For those that don’t know, user generated recipe websites are where the community of thousands of recipe authors contribute to the site instead of just a few authors. Nearly every user generated recipe sites have a recipe structure to follow and they require an image for every recipe. Because the community is so varied with cultures and cooking experience, the website ends up featuring a vast amount of unique content that cant be found else where. Over time recipe authors who create great recipes that people enjoy attract a cult following. Additionally because there isn’t any editorial agenda’s at play the site grows organically and features all types of great recipes.

Gourmet Ads now represents a number of User Generated Recipes sites.

So why should you be running advertising on a User Generated Recipes site?

  • Large dedicated audiences
  • High page impressions per user
  • Continually growing with new recipes all the time
  • Strong sense of community between readers and recipe authors
  • Conversation between recipe authors
  • Readers can rate recipes

So what advertisers can benefit from advertising on User Generated Recipe sites? Well any advertiser that wants to reach the main household grocery buyer. The person who’s looking at recipes online is also more than likely to be the same person who purchases the groceries for the household. Across the globe a number of companies including the multi national food company Unilever have developed their own user generated recipes sites.


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