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Tourism Body Advertising boosts online Travel and Vacation Planning

As the economy takes its first steps toward recovery, many families are planning the vacations they had put off during leaner times, thus a perfect opportunity to incorporate tourism body advertising in your campaigns. For tourism boards and organizations dedicated to increasing tourism to their areas, this means an opportunity to reach travelers as the busy tourism season starts. Major tourism body advertising campaigns such as those that promote Las Vegas have yielded big results- which is why tourism body members are looking for ways to reach out to potential travelers.  Research shows that a majority of today’s travelers are turning to the internet to plan their vacations, which is why online advertising is so important.

The competition among sites that sell airline tickets and hotel rooms is fierce, but the advertising campaigns aimed at bringing tourists to a certain destination have been decidedly absent online. For tourism body advertising purposes, the obvious choice has always been to attach their advertising to sites that sell airfare, rent cars, or help travelers’ book hotels. But before those travelers take the step of booking their trip, they have to decide where they want to go, which is why advertising on non-travel sites makes so much sense.

Travelers are usually families and couples, which is why the Gourmet Ads audience is ideal for tourism body advertising. Our viewers are often the primary decision makers in their homes, and many of them will complete vacation planning and booking for their families, which is why placing advertisements on Gourmet Ads can be an effective way for tourism boards to catch the eye of customers. Gourmet Ads can place a variety of different types of advertisements, including full video ads, traditional banner ads, and interactive ads. Whether you want to let future travelers know about upcoming events, remind them of favorite spots, or just keep your destination on their minds, advertising on our network of sites can help you accomplish your advertising goals.

‘Food Destinations’ are a niche area for tourism body advertising

Another type of tourism body advertising that is particularly successful on Gourmet Ads sites is tourism advertising that appeals to a “cooking” audience.  Since our readers are interested in cooking, food, and wine, advertising that highlights the food of a region is highly effective.  If your area features a wine growing region, advertising that highlights tours of local wineries or a wine festival will appeal to these readers.  Advertising gourmet or four-star restaurants in an area is another idea for attracting Gourmet Ads readers. Well known “foodie” destinations ranging from Napa Valley to New York are often on the to-do list of our readers, and advertising the affordability, fun, and luxury of these regions will certainly catch the eye of viewers who are ready to start planning their next vacation.

Of course, many of our viewers are also interested in family-friendly vacation spots. Advertising that features the family oriented attractions in an area is popular with our readers, who are often thinking ahead to school breaks when they can take their family on those unforgettable vacations. Our readers love to travel, and tourism body advertising on Gourmet Ads will help ensure that your destination is the first one on their minds when they plan their next trip.


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