Food Advertising

Top Level Domains Only

We’re proud to announce that all websites in Gourmet Ads now have Top Level Domains.

Over the past few months we’ve been working with publishers to register and implement Top Level Domains for their site. The majority of the food websites in Gourmet Ads have .com addresses with the remaindering being evenly spread across country specific domain names such as .ca (Canada), (United Kingdom) or (Australia). There are few excepetions such as .net, .tv and .us.

Why did we insist on Top Level Domains Only ?

Our greatest motivator for this move two fold. We’ve seen large volumes of spam and stolen content from free hosting platforms such as WordPress and Blogspot and we’re keen to avoid this in the future.

From listening to our clients, we know that advertisers who are buying on a programmatic basis (ie RTB via our Exchange or Private Exchange) are only targeting top level domains, thus not even considering bidding on non-top level domains.

Why are Top Level Domains important to Advertisers?

  • Brand Safe Enviroment
  • Provides Credibility and Authority
  • More Quality Traffic (ie Organic Traffic)
  • Contributes to the overall brand of the Website
  • Illustrates high level of professionalism

Apart from Top Level Domain Requirements, Gourmet Ads has a strict eligibility criteria for publishers which can be found here.
For each publisher application, our publishing team assesses each application and ensure that we continue to have the same quality we have across Gourmet Ads.

If you have any questions about the sites in Gourmet Ads, please contact us.


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