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Time to Beef Up Advertising

Time to Beef Up Advertising

If there has ever been a time for beef associations around the world to beef up their advertising, now is the time. In today’s MediaPost there’s an article titled Restaurant-Goers Warming To Poultry Entrées. The article talks about how restaurant diners are deciding to choose poultry (or cheaper vegetarian) dishes over the beef dishes for two main reasons; health and cost. Not only is beef considered more expensive, it has the perception that it’s not good for you compared to poultry.

So it’s fair to say that if this is happening in restaurants, then the same is happening in supermarkets all over the world. So it’s time for beef industry associations globally to beef up their advertising and encourage consumers (and diners in restaurants) to choose the beef entree. When beef sales drop off, cattle farmers suffer and with places like Australia in dryer than ever conditions the cattle farmer is the one that goes broke not the restaurant or supermarket.

If you’re a beef association and looking to beef up your advertising, then Gourmet Adscan deliver you a digital marketing campaign that will cost effective and generate beef sales and keep your cattle farmers in business.

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