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Taking your TVC online

Taking your TVC online

Television commercials (or TVC’s as they are referred to in the industry) have been effective for the past 50 years or so in gaining mass reach. However is mass reach always the best method? If you could spend a great deal less in reaching only your target audience, wouldn’t that be a more effective media spend?

Recent upgrades to our ad serving platform have allowed advertisers greater flexibility to deliver TVCs online to your target audience. From a cost perspective online is far greater than online, so for every $ you spend online you get a wider reaching media buy compared to broadcast or cable TV.

The first option is to deliver your TVCs in a typical 300×250 ad unit. The 300×250 is one of the most used sizes on the internet. The TVC advertisement can be setup to run upon load for the first play or purely on an engagement basis. Either way this is a great option for reaching your target audience with video based creative.

The second option is to run your TVCs either pre roll or mid roll. This is where we play your TVCs on video sites within our network. The TVC will either play before or during the main video the viewer is watching. To encourage click throughs, we also serve concurrently a companion ad which along side the video player.

One of the key features about running TVCs online is that you can not only play the video but you can have a call to action, click throughs or lead generation after the video finishes. It means that you control the entire conversation from start to finish, unlike on TV which goes to the next commercial.

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