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Gourmet Ads Acquires RecipeBridge

Gourmet Ads Acquires RecipeBridgeFood Ad Network Will Grow Site’s Content, Already 1.7 Million Recipes StrongFood advertising network Gourmet Ads today announced it has acquired RecipeBridge, the leading recipe search engine, for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition...Continue Reading>>

Home Cooks Want New Recipe Ideas

Home Cooks Want New Recipe IdeasWhere do consumers find New Recipe IdeasThe search for new recipe ideas that will feed a family is a constant battle for many at home cooks. Online surveys have found that there is a dedicated group of such people that look for new recipes...Continue Reading>>

Recipes Recipes Recipes

Recipes Recipes Recipes Influence Grocery Buyers with Branded RecipesFor brands looking to influence grocery buyers online, there are two real options. The first is the spray and pray method, derived from a military term for not aiming, but firing in the general direction. The best illustration of this...Continue Reading>>

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