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Gourmet Ads acquires Healthy Ads

Alec Greenberg named as Chief Operating Officer Launches Header Bidding & Outstream VideoGourmet Ads, the global food advertising network, today announced that it will acquire the privately held Healthy Ads network. The acquisition of Healthy Ads will not only expand overall audience numbers, but also introduce a new audience of consumers who focus on a healthy lifestyle.“I’m excited about the health vertical and the direction we are going to take it” comments Gourmet...Continue Reading>>

Tablet device targeting

Advertising Kitchen Technology With an offering of thousands of food and cooking sites, the ability to target users specifically on tablets will be instrumental for brands looking to reach shoppers as they cook, plan and shop for meals via their tablet device.A recent Accenture Report called "Digital...Continue Reading>>

Food Advertisements in Print

We’ve scoured the internet for clever Food Advertisements in PrintGourmet Ads runs hundreds of Food Advertisements online every day of the week. So we thought today for something different, that we’d look further a field and assemble a list of great food advertisements in the print world.So we’ve scoured the internet for clever and striking print food advertisements. Most of the creative teams involved in all of these ads have really pushed the concept to the limit.Here...Continue Reading>>